Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Starving for Attention (Poem)

An empty child sits on a promising box,
With rotten teeth he eats and talks,
He gnaws on a bruised, shrivelled apple core -
Bits fly from his mouth and land on the floor.

His voice startles the silence of the room;
Fridge hums to life from within its Freon tomb,
Faucet drips and pings against the metal sink,
Overhead florescent lights stutter and blink.

Clock chimes in with its reliable tick tock, tick tock,
House key hopelessly dangles from the front lock.
The child asks Teddy, "What'd you do today?"
But Teddy is falling apart and has nothing to say.

Mother will come home when she can,
Dad might call if he gets a long distance plan.
But for now a stranger has come through the door,
Willing to give the attention this child is starving for.

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