Monday, May 19, 2014

The Well-trodden Path to Nowhere

There's a well trodden path to nowhere,
Traversed every day by those just like you.
And no matter the heartaches they share there,
It's something they'll continue to do.

You won't notice the veterans as you walk by,
With their souls amputated and scarred.
There's no hope for them, as they're waiting to die,
But for you, your future has not yet been marred .

They'll warn you in vain of the futility ahead,
But your deaf and foolish ego will not hear,
With ears muffled by lies you've read,
And still too naive to be critical or have fear.

The fear will come later on down the road though;
This can be promised as sure as the night will fall,
When the experienced have given up what they know;
And the ignorant will forget they were ever told at all.

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