Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fuck you Michael Bublé

Fuck you, Michael Bublé, bug-eyed, dim-witted freak, with your smarminess and date rape Christmas cover song. Fuck you and your defective porno-intelligence, toilet humor and inane back-pedaling, backhanded apologies. Apologies only stoner idiots and the usual overstocked staple of misogyny suspects with their dumb-struck female tag-a-longs would accept. Fuck your insipid fans, celebrity friends and bauble-minded mail order bride, too.

And fuck you to anyone still spouting the “climate change is a hoax” type ignorance that rape culture is a contemptible myth pushed by "evil feminazis" with an agenda, when gendered hate speech, rape and pedophilia are constantly, empirically, violently, being shoved in our faces.

Fuck you to anyone who thinks a girl wearing shorts – and it DOES NOT MATTER HOW SHORT – on a hot Miami day is somehow fair game to ridicule, objectify and condemn on social media, the sewer system of society where the sludge of humanity congregate like rats whiskered in a diseased skin of anonymity, salivating in anticipation of the next victim to molest.

Fuck your “this unknown girl must want her picture taken by a famous douchebag and uploaded to Instagram to be mocked when she goes out dressed like that”. And fuck off that the blatant pillory-style public humiliation of an innocent young woman minding her own business by a smug asshole and his mannequin wife is a “compliment”.

Don’t sucker punch me in the face and tell me it’s because you “respect” me; when I hit back, don’t act indignant at my “unexpected rage” and tell me that YOU’RE the one who is “deeply hurt”. And definitely do not say you don’t “court controversy” when that is EXACTLY what you’ve done. Fuck off. Here’s your controversy, you sorry Sinatra imitation.

That neither you nor your equally entitled wife would stop to think better of taking a picture of an unsuspecting girl and then putting it on social media to be jeered at, replete with demeaning hashtags that speak for themselves regarding your intent, attests to your pitifully low IQ and lack of integrity louder than any protestations you spew after the fact. Fuck you.

And fuck off to the Bublé supporters and sexist drone who have taken up his cause, claiming anyone who has a problem with petty acts of celebrity-driven misogyny is “making a mountain out of a molehill” when females are dying gruesome deaths as a direct ripple effect of this kind of trivialization of sexual harassment every fucking day and there is nothing beautiful about it.

The endless river of naked body parts in various stages of degradation streaming along the information highway is turning half the world into an engorged spermatic tumor of unadulterated comatose dumbness.

Fuck off with your “haters are going to hate” drivel, too. It is the Groundhog Day overuse of this asinine idiom that has turned this blogger into a “hater”. All it does is give permission to assholes to disregard valid criticism and continue their vile behavior unaffected. Stop inflicting your regurgitated programming on thoughtful people with totally justified dissident opinions.

And fuck off to those who say that the girl was “asking for it” or that “if it was you, you’d love the attention”. If you think anything about what Bublé and that trophy he parades around in her underwear did is no big deal then YOU are what is wrong with this world. When you stand close enough, even if all you’re doing is “enjoying” the preliminary “entertainment” before the big event, the blood of gender-based violence is splattered on your hands too.

What does one do with such a morally and intellectually abandoned era of people so eager to extend such huge, sweeping pardons to the criminal behavior of the famous, the rich, the beautiful and the powerful simply because they are those things?

How do you convince the pop culture slaves to revolt against the oppressive beliefs that keep them oppressed when not even pedophile torture rings, libertine politicians so gross that even the prostitutes they hire for their orgies have to be drugged to have sex with them, gang rapes, horrific murders, public floggings, body shaming and tragic suicides are enough to convince the moronic masses of a truth so plain that the only way to deny it is to say straight-faced that gravity is a lie and Kanye West can in fact walk on water.

Only cattle-brains unable to be alone with themselves because they don’t know how to control  their urges or think off-script revel in the idea of publically dissecting the physical pieces of a female body in minute detail and laughing at what a “joke” it all is, or better yet, how such a dissection should be seen as “flattering”. You’ve absorbed your master’s agenda. Off you go to slaughter.

The countless women and children sexually harassed and assaulted online and in person on an hourly basis is not a joke.

Taking predatory pictures of girls and uploading them for dehumanizing, widespread salacious consumption and vulgar commentary is NOT respectful admiration. Bublé and his ilk should know this instinctively, but evidently he and his friends do not and are still in need of some remedial education.

Privileged, well-known personalities who not only profit from public attention and sales, but who also, unfortunately, command (whether they intend to or not) the herd’s thinking and behavior have a moral responsibility to conduct themselves in the way their mothers taught them.

And if for whatever reason, the Michael Bublés and other slow learners of the world have failed to grasp the teachings of basic decency and do not take their responsibilities seriously, there are morally aware bloggers out there patiently waiting with disdain in the cyber-sludge, hidden in amongst the trolls, ready, itching really, to pounce. Fuck you.

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