Saturday, April 11, 2015


Say my name, he said,
As if we both didn't know;
Ripped the hair from my head,
And told me this was his show.

But I refused to say his name,
No surrender from me.
He can live with his shame;
I will not beg for mercy.

Prodded, bull-baited,
A body thrown in a pit.
My independence hated,
Kicked, bitten and hit.

But cut off my lips,
Blind my eyes,
Gut me from throat to hips,
Let my entrails bring on the flies.

I will not be his fool,
A puppet of fear.
I'll stand in a bloody pool,
I won’t shed a tear.

He can hurt me with all his might,
But say his name? I'd rather die.
Or emerge from this fight,
My own name a victory cry.

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