Saturday, April 11, 2015

The March of Time

The time is going fast,
Its relentless ticking never stops.
There's no way to make the moments last,
Or press pause before the other shoe drops.

It doesn't worry who lags behind,
With unfaltering stride, it doesn't look back.
And if something's missed there's no way to rewind,
Stop, teach, learn or keep track.

No one has the power to force time still,
It waits for neither the mediocre nor the great.
It doesn't slow when in trouble things go downhill,
And holds no opinions about religion or fate.

It marches on for those who believe and those who don't,
It gives no medals or applause to the brave,
Is indifferent to people who help and people who won't,
And doesn't take note as the dead are put in their grave.

With acts of cruelty or kindness time is unimpressed,
It's impervious to war's suffering and to peace.
It cares not how far human ingenuity has progressed –
Time is fast, unchangeable and does not cease.

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