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Reality TV Actors and Actresses: All Scrubbed Clean and Lacquered Pretty

The Real Housewives of Toronto Episode Three

The Real Housewives of Toronto is so scrubbed and polished of the messy realities, genuine reactions and complexities that make human beings intriguing subject matter that one has to grasp at straws just to maintain interest. They come to us all perfected with a nice shellac finish courtesy of the secretions of a bug.  These people do enjoy their secretions.

A squawking girl squad of migraine-inducing proportions.
In episode three, the fakery opens with Roxy and a bleating trio of food-fearful girlfriends all gussied up for their big television debuts. Now we are treated to not one, but four adult women speaking in that intolerable Kardashian way – it's all "like" this and "super" that and "oh my gosh!". I can't stand it. This style of speech should be banned past the age of 14. Listening to them talk is like having a fork rammed into my eyeball.

But I'm a masochist so I shall persist.

If you want boobs, you've come to the right place.
Other than sounding identical and strategically showing ample boob, Roxy looks out of place with her anorexic girl squad. 

This is a calculated move on the part of Lark's script editors and producers. They set up scenarios they think will draw in an audience, especially when the women they employ are too boring to draw a crowd on their own. I know this is true because I knew someone who happened to be working at the Cactus Club when they were filming The Real Housewives of Vancouver, and of the many stories she has to tell, one included a scene with two exceedingly dull housewives who, although pretty to look at, had nothing interesting to say. 

They just sat there blankly staring at each other across the table they were seated at, pretending to peck at food they never actually ate.  They were like sexbots their engineers forgot to  program to speak. The crew, then, in a panic that they would not have any decent footage they could use, literally ran out into the street and grabbed a passerby, who incidentally was gay, to come in and make a pass at one of the women and spice things up. I don't know if they offered him money, but the passerby was more than happy to play along because, as we all know, almost everyone wants their 15 minutes.

To further illustrate how phony this all is, in addition to the above, Lark hugely played up the bully angle on the Real Housewives of Vancouver's last season and got a backlash for it, which isn't necessarily a bad thing for a sensationalized reality TV show (the "there's no such thing as bad publicity" adage). 

However, the show was canceled and it turns out bad publicity can in fact ruin a career, destroy a life, or bring down an empire, so perhaps this time around with the "body shaming" angle Lark is attempting a less obvious approach.

You can take that fork and stick it right in my tasty eyeball, Roxy. You'd like that wouldn't you? So mean.

That said, I don't know how successful they actually are at not being obvious. The scene begins with Roxy gushing how excited she is that she's about to eat. This admission is put in the context of having lunch with her comparatively stick-thin friends, who clearly DO NOT like to eat. Subtle. 

I could go off on a tangent here regarding the ignorance of viewing obesity as a character flaw as well as an excuse to be cruel. But I'll let that sleeping dog lie, and instead leave you with the experience-based insights of one Dr. Peter Attia: Stop moralizing and Question the Science of Weight.

Putting that touchy topic aside, we move onto Grego, who is shown staged with her children, packing for the big dramatic highlight of the episode: A weekend partying like college students on spring break in Muskoka. 

With stimulating dialogue like this, who could ever rip themselves away? Grego:
"I used to be an over-packer, but now I'm more careful with packing". Fascinating.

Watching these women use their professionally made up children like props is reminiscent of beauty pageant mothers. I guess when you're an opportunist everything and everyone is a potential publicity stunt and money-making opportunity, even exposing your own children to the possibility of public scorn, or, I don't know, taking advantage of the near choking-death of your 10-year-old daughter with special needs. 

Granted, thus far no one is exploiting a child's medical difficulties in this series. But these children are being exploited every time they appear on screen, no matter how adorable the kids are, or in the case of Ann's daughter, Molly, how funny.

Moving on now, we come to more barely concealed Frankenstein boobage in the form of a preening, narcissistic Joan. She thrusts, prances and jumps about, showing off not just skin, but her Muskoka property, and welcoming her literally ridiculously well-heeled, suggestively-clad guests. 

Just a hint of what an "outstanding CEO of the year" named Donald can
buy with his millions and billions and gazillions.

When does the orgy begin? I can't wait to see Graham without a shirt. I wonder if another virtual Adonis who amuses me (one of several on my watch list of male buffoonery and intellectual curiosity) and happens to also own a "cottage" on a lake in Muskoka, Kevin O'Leary, will make an appearance...hmm.

Curiosity is the lust of the mind ~ Hobbes
But first things first: Maca mixed with strawberry-rhubarb...or as Kara so eloquently puts it: "boner smoothie". She hands this trendy twist on Spanish Fly and oysters, heavily marketed to make you believe it's an aphrodisiac that does wonders for the libido, to Jana. 

Jana, with her "roster" of Mister Right Nows, immediately knows what Maca is, and the miracles it's purported to perform, and confides she "takes it every morning". The double dose might have been too much for her, though, because later in the episode she's lost any hint of inhibition and can't stop herself from spontaneously hiking up her dress and showing off her unmentionables to a surprised group of onlookers. 

Of course it could be all the booze. She does love to drink and admits she doesn't trust people who don't drink, which is weird. In my experience, while alcoholics are some of my favorite kinds of entertainment, you certainly cannot fucking trust them.

The Real Alcoholics of Toronto
With regards to Jana's lack of inhibition, Maca, oysters and Spanish Fly have nothing on good old fashioned alcohol for obliterating self-restraint and enhancing libido...that and MDMA (Ecstasy). But the scene ends before we actually see the drugs or the orgy (which is only "insinuated", but the privileged are notorious swingers so it's a fair deduction).

In any event, whatever goes on after hours, by the end of episode three, Jana has gone ahead and taken it all off, along with Joan and Grego, and the three of them, all sloppy drunk, have jumped into the lake naked. However, this is a "classy" depiction of Canadian opulence and the viewer is spared the drowning sex show (excessive ethanol retards breathing). We are also spared the sight of Graham without a shirt and sadly Mr. Wonderful is nowhere to be seen. Oh well. It was a long shot anyway.

As for the fully-clothed Graham, when he and Kara catch wind of Joan's plans for a skinny dip and who knows what else later on, the couple graciously excuse themselves from the party and go home early.

Unlike Roxy, who sneers that their departure is because they're "no fun", I commend Graham and Kara for behaving in a manner befitting of their age and what should be their maturity level. It's fine to be young at heart, playful and curious until the day you die, but there is also nothing wrong with acting in accordance with the natural order of things. There is nothing wrong with growing old gracefully and retiring from the silliness and impetuousness of youth, while savoring its memory and moving forward to develop mind, character and soul.

There is nothing wrong with embracing the pleasures and facing the challenges unique to each new season of one's life. There is nothing wrong with surrendering to the inevitable flow and progression of time and accepting mortality before passing on, being put to rest or called home (depending on your belief system). Basically there is nothing wrong with humility. Our wisest philosophers and saints would even say it's an essential trait of the divine. 

You can lose sight of this basic truth if you spend too much time focusing on the outward appearances, successes, indulgences, excesses and sins of the material world. Displays of humility, however, are the last thing you can expect to see on a television program like The Real Housewives of Toronto. 

Joan certainly doesn't exhibit any humility, other than feigned humility, as she drones on about private islands, compounds and "the help". It's important to hire well so the stress is taken off her, Joan informs us, "because at the end of the day, it's kinda all about me". She's "joking" of course, but it's a disingenuous "joke" in the same vein as her humble-bragging.

"We bought an island just because it was available," says the "great" humanitarian Joan Kelley-Walker.
"God has given you one face and you make yourself another,"
replies the Great William Shakespeare.
You also are not going to see much in the way of aging gracefully on a series like this. Ann has achieved great heights in her life, but there's an artificial veneer to her that no mortal human being can keep up forever. 

Plastic Surgery Queen, Ann Kaplan Mulholland, on the importance of being properly prepared in life:"In Muskoka, you have to be ready for anything...private dinners, cocktail never know who's going to see you on a jet ski!" 

Either your body will crumple or your mind under the weight of such phoniness. And sure enough, after all her fillers, Botox, silicone, gel, dyes, potions, lotions and magical spells have had too much time simmering under the hot sun, Ann feels faint and has to lie down. Plastic faints melts in direct heat.

Not only is it impossible to avoid the ravages of time no matter how skilled your cosmetic surgeon, it is also impossible to get away indefinitely with putting on airs, exaggerating your achievements, embellishing your strengths and pretending you are something you are not. Other people see through that bullshit. Kara portrayed as elevating her role as volunteer worker in Ecuador to white saviour and triage nurse is a prime example of this. 

Graham and Kara Alloway. 

Even Joan sees through such nonsense...although, easy there, Joan, you aren't fooling anyone with your pretensions, either. I realize this probably has more to do with my own hangups, but as far as I'm concerned, Joan looks like an idiotic middle aged woman desperately trying to be the young woman she is not, as she stiffly bounces up and down crammed in on the dance floor. At least we didn't have to be subjected to Donald doing this. 

Jana and Grego, although they are also hard for me personally to watch without cringing, still look like they can pull off the frat party vibe without coming across as totally desperate. However, the timer is ticking for these ladies as well. Tick tock.

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The Boring Housewives of Toronto and Ugly Men

The Real Housewives of Toronto Episode Two

The Real Housewives of Toronto, although it's only been two episodes, is proving rather dull. The women are not as glamorous as those from the long canceled Real Housewives of Vancouver, there isn't much in the way of titillating human drama, and the personal exposure/branding agenda is blatant. They don't even attempt to hide it.

Both Ann and Jana (especially Jana) openly admit contracting with the Real Housewives franchise is a business opportunity they intend to exploit. As such, we are unlikely to witness much honesty or genuine "real life" theatre in this series. As opportunistic business people, these women and the grubby-handed men who lurk about them in the periphery, will be guarded and selective about sharing the true extent of their lies lives, whitewashing the ugly parts and magnifying the flattering bits.

Nonetheless, despite the dullness and obvious bullshit of the Real Housewives of Toronto, because of my disdain for the rich and privileged and how they take advantage of public trust and celebrity culture for private gain and profit, I shall persist with my critiques.

The Scavenger Wolf (POEM)
In episode two, that critique begins with a curious eye trained on Jana. Why all the secrecy regarding her ex-husband? They evidently have no problem exposing their 9-year-old son, Will, to the scrutiny of strangers, but the philandering father is off limits?  Here once again is male privilege at its finest. A cheating penis must be protected at all costs, but women and children? Fuck 'em. They are expendable, especially a mouthy trophy wife with an opinion.

Mind you, the cheating part is more heavily implied than said straight out and occurs during the final few minutes of the episode. It's an unexpected moment of raw emotion after 40 minutes of contrived "reality", prompted by Ann after she confides she was screwed around on by her last scuzzy husband, too. 

Stripper Roses. If your husband or significant other gives you these, BE SUSPICIOUS. TRUST NO ONE

As for Ann's former philandering "knight in shining armor", it would seem he had a repertoire of romantic gestures that included bringing home different colored roses suspiciously characteristic of those found in the strip joints it turned out he frequented. Eventually Ann saw through his deceptions and left the marriage. 

Today, many years later and happily remarried to little Stevie, a doctor who specializes in "face hickeys", Ann can look back at her failed nuptials with pragmatism and a sense of humor. This, however, is not yet the case with Jana, who is brought to tears after confessing a similar scenario befell her doomed marriage. But that's as far as she's willing to confess. 

When asked how long she was married, the evasive Jana would only at first joke "just long enough"; although, when pressed, she adds, "I guess legally I was married for 10 years". She "guesses"? Who is this asshole who broke her heart?

Emotionally distraught Jana Webb, Joga founder, and the mystery X-husband who broke her heart...after possibly bankrolling her venture. Intrigue, athletics, yoga, zen, superficiality and avarice all rolled into one lucrative enterprise. 

It took a little digging before I could even find his name, never mind a single line of text about him or a blurred out, pixelated image of him (which you can search out yourself). Apparently if you have the right connections and enough money, you can scrub the internet of any non-advantageous dirt or reputation-harming information related to you. Or at least bury it so deeply that it can only be unearthed by tech-savvy Russian code wizards, unfearful of reprisal, and motivated more by a trollish glint in the eye than any desire to fill their pockets, people for whom it's all about the artistry, the sport.

But whatever is going on here with the ex-husband, it's pretty fishy. He must be a real piece of work to leave Jana so emotionally distraught. For one thing, it's hard to find something to dislike about Jana from what I can make of her so far, both on the show and from what I can find of her via social media and basic google searching. 

She comes across as funny, upbeat and driven. She did a Tedx Talk in which she is articulate and sounds intelligent enough, bordering at times on philosophical, and of course she's a pretty girl (if you're happy calling a woman in her 40s a "girl"). Not that anyone who fits her description necessarily impresses someone like me, but the fact that she does not appear to have caved to the pull of the nefarious breast implant speaks volumes. She gets my reluctant, albeit fickle, respect for that detail alone.

UPDATE: Turns out it actually wasn't much of a search to find our boy: Dave Webb. As usual, the vanity of the average Facebook user wins out over any sense of privacy or good judgment. There is no way people THIS self-obsessed don't want you to know who they are.  They willingly prostitute their identity for attention and fanfare and presumably to attract fresh meat.  Dave is no different.  He wants us to know he's a teacher, so it would seem he's not someone "rolling in dough" exactly, although he does appear to have a replacement trophy-looking wife (which he also wants us to know, he's so proud), so he must have something going for him. Women who design themselves to look like a bleached blonde Haley don't normally go after financially insecure teachers, unless of course she's EXTRA stupid. That's always a possibility; however, although stereotypes are useful, not everyone fits neatly into them, so who knows. Besides, it's an irrelevant point to the matter at hand. The true question now is, if it wasn't her destitute ex-husband with the wandering penis, who is the sugar daddy venture capitalist who financed Jana's Joga venture? Hmm...

Trophy wives holding trophies, laughing at their "good fortune".  Not everyone agrees this trade-off, where human dignity and autonomy is swapped for degradation and security, is something to celebrate:
"Taught from infancy that beauty is woman's sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison"
~ Mary Wollstonecraft

Moving along to Roxy, who in no way gets my respect because I cannot stand the sound of her Kardashian voice. It's an act of self-flagellation just listening to her. To make matters worse, in addition to the "allure" of her nauseating vocal fry, she comes across as petty, jealous, vain, obnoxious, bossy and lazy, apparently thinking an elitist smoothie she splurges a small fortune on is a magical panacea that will give her eternal youth and beauty, as well as other mysterious "super powers". 

The only physical effort Roxy has to put into this veritable elixir of immortality is that which involves puckering up her lips and sucking through a straw. She cannot be bothered to know what is in the smoothie exactly, only that her over-priced nutritionist told her to drink it every morning, so she reasons it must be "really good" for her. 

Roxy, happy as a Lark (Productions), comes charging into the scene like an elephant on a wrecking ball,
thrilled for the opportunity to let the rest of us know how "fabulous" she thinks she is.
She babbles this nonsense to an assistant named Elise, who seems to be at a bit of a loss as to how to deal with Roxy. Roxy is like a gleefully deluded and spoiled elephant, who has taken a shining to a frightened mouse and believes they are close friends. 

Scrawny as a mouse, Elise, puts on a brave face
and pretends to listen to Roxy's egomanical babble.
The frightened mouse is Elise, who puts on a brave face and plays along with the elephant's "friendship" because, well, she's being paid to and there's a chance she'll get on TV. 

Speaking of big game, if Roxy's totem animal is an elephant – choice prey of the well-to-do trophy hunter – then gangly, nightgown-wearing Joan, with her freakishly long neck, "white savior complex" and philanthropic interest in Africa must be another gamy trophy, prized by the predatory rich: The giraffe.

Granted, being called a "trophy giraffe" may be a lame insult, but it has been harder than I assumed it would be to totally despise Joan. It's easy enough to dismiss her as just another conceited, vapid socialite consumed with status and material trinkets if judged strictly through the lens of reality TV. 

Joan Kelley Walker, former model, current trophy giraffe, hanging out with her buddies, looking down at the humans native to the African landscape. She wonders if "they" know about bubble baths. Potable water used for drinking is so passĂ©. 

However, after reading a few of her Huff Post articles, realizing she comes from a small prairie town in Saskatchewan, home to the Scandinavian settlers of my own ancestry, and noting her involvement with World Vision, it's not so easy to completely write her off. 

That said, she is still someone who won the genetic lottery on the attractiveness scale which unfortunately (for the equality movement anyway) continues to be a meal ticket for women; particularly ones with dizzy, outgoing personalities and a willingness to conform to the lusty desires of the male gaze, even if that means having her already near perfect body surgically mutilated and exposed to botulism. 

Joan is furthermore married to an obscenely over-compensated CEO, making them one of the wealthiest families in Canada in a system that is rigged in their favour  where corruption isn't corrupt because it's legalized corruption. Welcome to the corporate kleptocracy

Any admiration for their philanthropy, therefore, is tempered by the knowledge that not only does it cause them no hardship whatsoever, it actually benefits them in terms of taxation, business and financial interests, social currency, platform, prestige and marketing, as well as self-esteem and personal satisfaction. 

Still, I suppose self-serving philanthropy is better than no philanthropy at all. I'm sure those (putting aside the systemic imbalances that create poverty and dependency in the first place) who rely on the charities the Walkers support are grateful, regardless of their benefactors' motives.

Speaking of motives, one has to wonder what Graham Alloway was thinking when he willingly signed up for this frivolous show with his child-sized wife. He looks utterly ridiculous sitting there all slobbed out opposite Kara, awkwardly clasping her hands across the table as he listens with raised paternal brow to her gibberish. 

Kara sounds like a pre-teen girl complaining to daddy that the other girls are being mean to her and could he make it all better? Graham gently admonishes her for her gossiping, which effectively shuts her up. 

But all of that aside, the question remains: why can there never be any attractive men to look at on these shows? Graham, for example, resembles Mr. Mole and Grego's husband, Pierre Jutras, looks like a lounge lizard who has started down the same path as Mickey Rourke

Donald Walker of Magna International tops the list of Canada’s highest paid working CEOs. Thirty years ago these guys "managed to scrape by on 40x what the average person is paid, and now, it's 193x....nobody's worth that much's absurd" ~ Hugh Mackenzie, economic consultant, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)

Joan's old man, Don Walker, bears similarities to a lanky Johnny Fiama Muppet morphed with a sneering Mr. Rogers, and Dr. Mulholland looks like a munchkin who yo-yo diets and maintains a slicked back mullet. Roxy's financial backer, I mean husband, is just plain creepy and looks like he would be at home in a seedy bar with a flashing neon sign.

Graham Alloway's doppelganger, Mr. Mole

The husbands and dating interests of the Real Housewives are all men involved with women who spend about as much time and thought on their physical appearance as normal people do on their full-time jobs, yet these guys can barely muster the attention it would require to notice their pants are falling down (looking at you Graham). Some of them cannot bother to put a comb through their hair (if they even have hair) let alone get a haircut or trim an unruly beard. 

“Never," enjoins a women's magazine, "mention the size of his [penis] in public...and never, ever let him know that anyone else knows or you may find it shrivels up and disappears, serving you right." That quotation acknowledges that critical sexual comparison is a direct anaphrodisiac when applied to men; either we do not yet recognize that it has exactly the same effect on women, or we do not care, or we understand on some level that right now that effect is desirable and appropriate.

A man is unlikely to be brought within earshot of women as they judge men's appearance, height, muscle tone, sexual technique, penis size, personal grooming, or taste in clothes--all of which we do. The fact is that women are able to view men just as men view women, as objects for sexual and aesthetic evaluation; we too are effortlessly able to choose the male "ideal" from a lineup and if we could have male beauty as well as everything else, most of us would not say no. But so what? Given all that, women make the choice, by and large, to take men as human beings first.” 
― Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth

But I guess they figure they make so much money, it doesn't matter how ugly they are, or how their non-aroused women are faking it. This lack of self-awareness (other than the hyper-awareness of their own arousal, that is) is why the average man cannot satisfy most women in the bedroom. It doesn't even occur to them that women might have "needs" of their own beyond serving the wants of men.

The irony of an unkempt plastic surgeon capitalizing on the body dysmorphic disorders and culturally manufactured panic of already beautiful women desperate to stay "sexy" is duly noted.  

Then they (i.e. self-gratifying men) are angry and confused over why their secretly repulsed wives avoid sex with them (the unsightly Salman Rushdie and his now former, much younger wife, model Padma Lakshmi, come to mind. Padma was so turned off by Salman for obvious reasons that she resorted to getting a doctor's note to excuse herself from having sex with him, that is, until she finally came to her senses and left the ugly bloated toad). 

There's something viscerally repugnant and unnatural
about seeing old, jowly grandfather-aged men
married to young, vibrant, granddaughter-aged women.
Melania, grimacing at the thought of what she's going to have to do
with this geriatric patient later on when they get back to the tower.
No amount of money is worth this
Melania. NONE.
Now THIS romantic threesome makes more sense. Three Ugly Monkeys, Kevin O'Leary, Raghu Kilambi and Dan Daviau cozy up together. How very polyamorous. I wonder what other "secrets" this shady three shares? Hmm.

But instead of checking out a mirror, doing something about their unappealing physical state or educating themselves on the art of seduction and technique, they shrug their shoulders, blame all womankind for being "evil bitches" and buy themselves something on the side. It's easier on the ego, more exciting for the penis when it only has to think of itself, and less hassle to pay for an illusion and indulge in a fetish. As for the wives, they are happy to let someone else do their dirty work and turn a blind eye. Truth be told, they never wanted their husbands' grotesque paws messing up their perfectly-coiffed manes anyway.

This then brings us to our final husband and housewife duo, Pierre and Grego. Grego is cute and charming enough, if you enjoy the sort of shallow party-girl personality she embodies, but she is otherwise so uninteresting that she barely deserves a mention. 

She barely deserves a mention except to say that she's even more out of touch with the harsh realities of this world than she appears if she thinks that just because her lounge-lizard husband, Pierre, isn't bringing home clear signs of cheating, such as "flowers from a strip club" or an STD, this automatically means he's faithful. All his other stats would in fact imply the opposite. Oh sweet, sweet denial.

Markers of a Decaying Culture:
Edward Gibson, historian
  • Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth.
  • Obsession with sex and perversions of sex.
  • Art becomes freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original.
  • Widening disparity between very rich and very poor.
In conclusion, I don't know how women like this do it, live these showcase lives like the window prostitutes of Amsterdam's Red Light District. But, hey, they seem to want to do it (putting aside concepts of internalized oppression because let's not get carried away here, it's still a stupid TV show), there's a monetary, "branding" and social payoff for them, and they do have a larger purpose to serve. That purpose is appealing to the perverse and voyeuristic tastes of the average reality TV consumer and contributing to the overall decline of civilization. Good work, ladies.

Here's to the decline of civilization. Well done.

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Pretty Plastic, Pretty Petty

The Real Housewives of Toronto Episode One

The dumbing-down influence of self-serving reality TV personalities on North American culture continues this week with a new series, The Real Housewives of Toronto. It's another crop of silicone balls on stilettos, teetering around like circus clowns on stilts, which is a tired cliche, but so too are these women a tired cliche. Their husbands lurking in the periphery are a little more interesting, but they don't interest me in the way they might interest, Jana Webb, for example. 

An unrelated picture of a trophy wife and the men who lurk about her in ejaculatory anticipation.
Jana, an opportunist (a.k.a entrepreneur), who long ago left the stench of rotting decapitated chickens in the dust of her Albertan farm town upbringing, says she'd never mess around with another woman's husband, but she's obviously lying. 

She freely admits married women are wary of her, and that she's a "single blonde" with an entire "roster" of sexual partners. Presumably she keeps a discerning eye open for new recruits. The problem is that most men are not much of a challenge for the libidinous appetites of female predators who look like Jana. It is only a matter of time before easy prey becomes an unarousing annoyance and bore. 

Married men, on the other hand, while still not much of a challenge, can nevertheless be a tad more enticing to Barbie doll types on the prowl, who enjoy the game of a strategic hunt even more than the kill itself. For the huntress, there's something exquisitely satisfying about stalking and conquering another woman's territory.

As for me, I'm more a curious observer of human behaviour than a predator, and like Kurt Cobain "my will is good". My interest in the hideous husbands of plastic women, therefore, revolves more around the generally understood notion that wherever there is a filthy rich man, whether married or not, there's almost always a slimy trail of corruption and debauchery.

These men, however, or at least the reputation management (there's an Orwellian euphemism for ya) people they employ, are quite adept at covering their tracks. So unless you're a shrewd investigative journalist with insider contacts, hacking skills and a bone to pick, or perhaps someone driven by the inner fire of a personal vendetta, you will probably have to resign yourself to speculation and suspicion.

My own suspicious nature directs my scrutiny towards Magna CEO, Donald J. Walker, and his desperate-to-stop-the-aging-process-trophy-wife, Joan Kelley-Walker. 

While motorcycle-riding Don, who incidentally is the ex-husband of heiress and tabloid fodder, Belinda Stronach (which curiously no one mentions) is up to his shady proclivities (see here), whatever those may be, ole Joan is mindlessly popping brain cells in these totally out of control bubble baths she's constantly having. 

Joan Kelley Walker doing what she does best: Lithotomy position.
Either that, or she's burning what remains of said brain cells racing on a treadmill going nowhere. She's manically trying to keep Donald and his millions "happy", like a crazed botoxed hamster spinning her heels on a wheel. She deludes herself that by staying "trophy wife fighting fit" no one will notice she's passed the half-century mark, Don will never stray, and she can continue with the conceit and humble-bragging.

Speaking of maturing beauties who love to brag, next we come to an interesting couple, Kara and Graham Alloway. Kara insists (to Jana, of all people, an expert in the fitness world) that tubby Graham "loves yoga", is "the teacher's pet" and "is REALLY in touch with his body". 

But this is merely one of her delusions. 

More will come and some may see her flakiness as charming, which seems to be the case with her husband, a lawyer. He speaks to her in that indulgent, paternalistic way privileged, confident men of reasonably good humor speak to the ditzy women they "keep" or marry, as if these women are not self-aware human beings at all, but beloved, ridiculously pampered poodles. 

For Kara's part, she's adapted to the poodle role well and sounds like a yappy fluff ball, babbling idiot or the "born again Christian" she claims to be (which in some circles all mean the same thing). 

She holds some unorthodox ideas regarding Jesus Christ as well, believing he was nailed to a cross, died a barbaric death and descended into the torments of hell before being resurrected, not to save lost souls, but so that 2000 years later she, Kara Alloway, could be "fabulous", "party" and "want for nothing". 

She thinks that Christians who don't agree with her version of things are misguided, not because they deviate into sin, but because they have "hairy armpits and wear long skirts and Birkenstocks". This, according to her peculiar interpretation of scripture, goes against God's will that "Jesus freaks" wear high heels, "the higher the heel, the higher to God". 

It should go without saying, then, that there's something exceedingly stupid about the way Kara is being presented on the Real Housewives of Toronto. McGill's reputation is done NO FAVOURS by having their institution named as her source of higher education when she's being portrayed in this way. They already had enough to sully their reputation what with the pedophilia advocacy (HERE) of Dr. James Cantor, the alt-right drivel of Jordan Peterson (HERE), and past CIA-funded experimentation with psychological torture. They really did not need another one of their own being made a spectacle of to further dirty their already murky waters.

But putting that aside for the time being, let us now look at our next housewife, the voluptuous Roxy Earle. I don't know where she was educated, but she too sounds pretty stupid, as she prattles on in her vocal fry voice about spending the equivalent of a small mortgage on her fucking dog. She cannot think of ANYTHING else to do with all that money she has access to, even though she lives in a city with an epidemic of homelessness, poverty and other social ills a few bucks could help alleviate.

Otherwise, besides being clueless regarding the underclass and how they suffer, Roxy is bubbly and likable the way giggly extroverts are. But as is often the case with this mold of person, there's not much substance beneath the adipose tissue and mammary ducts. She's the second wife of Raghu, a wealthy investment banker, who is comparatively slight in build, has an affinity for loud paisley and is 17 years her senior. Is this marriage the result of "true love" or a business arrangement? Either way, the sleaze factor should be apparent with those few details alone.

For greed, all nature is too little ~ Seneca

And the sleaze does not stop there. Next we have another vacuous piece of ass named Grego Minot. She is married to Pierre Jutras, nightclub/restaurant mogul and president of The Spoke Club, which is open to private members only ("Vice is hard to Kill"). That's the way Sleazy with a capital S works - shrouded in mystery like a secret Masonic lodge dance ritual involving scantily clad granddaughter-aged girls entertaining geriatric men with white hair and sunk in faces, who drool as they clutch Cialis in their tremulous hands in a haze of demented horny confusion.

Feast your eyes on the REAL Pierre Jutras. So handsome.

With regards to Pierre, he might not be classified as geriatric quite yet, but he looks even more cosmetically tampered with than his pretty "yahooing", life-of-the-party wife, another woman sorely lacking in substance.

This finally brings us to Ann Kaplan-Mulholland, whom I sort of liked, but think she should reconsider letting her "well-respected" husband, plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Muholland, touch her with a scalpel because she's looking rather Michael Jackson-esque. 

Maybe munchkin Stephen with his slicked back hair and noble crusade to improve the already improved lives of vain socialites desperate to stay young would do a better job than whomever Ann is currently seeing. 

But maybe not. 

With a bout of hepatosplenomegaly and Ann swearing off booze for the sake of her dear, two-tiered health care promoting hubby, perhaps he has a little drinking problem. Alcoholics tend to shake, although watching Stevie in action performing an "instant rhinoplasty" at the "procedure party" they just "happened" to throw together, he appears to have the steady hand of a well, I might add, as the clear conscience and steely resolve of a reincarnated Dr. Mengele.

So there you go. More reality TV exploiters and hustlers for us common folk to keep a watchful eye on, either for escapist amusement or for some other felonious motive one can only assume...

~ Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable ~

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